Juan Williams Mocks Trump For Being “Wrapped In Patriotism”, Jesse Watters Crushes Him

During a recent episode of The Five, Juan Williams mocked President Trump for his graduation speech at the Naval Academy for being too patriotic. Jesse Watters and Kimberly Guilfoyle hit him back hard. Guilfoyle started out by pointing out that many people liked Trump’s speech, she asked if Williams did too.

“No,” responded Williams. “Let me just say, this speech was about America first. It was wrapped in patriotism. He wrapped himself in the flag. He wrapped himself in the military. I think that’s, Jesse, why he spent time. He wants them and their stamp of approval and their high approval ratings among the American people to transfer to him,” he said.

“Do you think he’s giving a rousing patriotic speech because he wants to boost his approval ratings?” asked Watters. “Yes!” yelled Williams. “Maybe he’s just proud of the country and wants to address the cadets,” responded Watters.

“No, because let’s look at the, let’s look at the substance of it. When he talks about oh, we’re going to make the military stronger and all that — Wait a minute, our military is the strongest in the world!” whined Williams.

“And we’re going to make it even stronger. What’s wrong with that?” asked Watters. Check out the video below.

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