SICK: After Defending MS-13, Media BUSTED Lying About Trump’s NFL Comment

After spending the past week defending MS-13 gang members from President Donald Trump’s mean words, the mainstream media is now claiming Trump is racist and wants to deport American citizens.

Earlier this week, NFL owners unanimously approved a historic rule change requiring all players, coaches, and league officials to stand for the national anthem. The new rule states that if anyone associated with the NFL is on the field, they must remain standing for the anthem. If they do not wish to stand for the anthem, they can remain in the locker room.

During an interview on Thursday with Fox & Friends, Trump said he agrees with the NFL’s new rule, but took it one step further and dropped a bombshell that sent the media into complete hysteria.

“I don’t think people should be staying in the locker rooms, but still I think it’s good. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country,” Trump said.

Following his comments, which many Americans agree with, CNN’s Poppy Harlow said Trump is wanting to deport players, implying that he is racist and wants to remove minorities from the country.

“The President of the United States suggested potential deportation for anyone that kneels during the national anthem,” Harlow said. “You heard that right.”

Sports commentators and media figures followed Harlow’s lead, claiming Trump wants to deport players from the country.

Here’s the president of Showtime Sports:

Ian Rapaport, National Insider for the NFL Network, also said Trump wants to deport Americans:

Corey Erdman, a senior sports writer for VICE, followed suit and peddled fake news:

The deliberate misinterpretation of Trump’s comments come a week after the media falsely accused the president of referring to all immigrants as “animals.” He didn’t, he was specifically talking about MS-13, but that didn’t stop the media from promoting a massive lie to fit their political agenda.

Media figures took to Twitter to spread the fake news just like they did with Trump’s NFL comments:

The media spent is so desperate to slander and smear Trump, they are telling complete lies and spreading misinformation for cheap political points.

This is why so many Americans loathe the media and do not trust them to report the news fairly and accurately.

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