NEW POLL: Republicans Gaining Steam in Midterm Races in Florida

The GOP candidates are pulling ahead in the Florida Senate and Governor races.

According to early voting results, DeSantis is actually ahead of his socialist challenger.

Rick Scott has taken the lead over his swampy challenger Bill Nelson – and keep in mind, it would be closer if the Florida Panhandle was polled.

All in all, very good news for Republicans.

Daily Wire

Republicans have improved their standings in both the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races in Florida. After multiple polls showing Democrats leading the Republicans, the candidates are now statistically tied in both races, with multiple trends favoring Republicans, according to a new study by St. Pete Polls.

“Twenty days before Election Day, Democrat Andrew Gillum is at 47 percent, while Republican Ron DeSantis is at 46. However, among those who say they have already voted, DeSantis is at 49 percent, while Gillum is at 45 percent,” Florida Politics reports.

Meanwhile, Republican Gov. Rick Scott currently holds a two-point edge (49- 47) over Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson for Florida’s seat, one of the six seats considered a true “toss-up” by pollsters.

Florida Politics notes that Scott’s standing might actually be better than the poll indicates because the Panhandle, which tends to support Republican candidates, is underrepresented due to the continuing effects of Hurricane Michael in the region.

Like DeSantis, Scott leads in the early voting, currently capturing 50 percent of the vote.

The study found that Scott earned 61 percent approval for his handling of Hurricane Michael, while Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, only received 44 percent approval.

The survey also tracked two interesting developments that benefit Republicans: Both Independents and women, who previous polls found favoring Democrats strongly, are far more equally divided as the election approaches, only favoring Democrats by statistically insignificant margins.

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