Top Democrat Arrested, Indicted For Buying ‘Adult Entertainment’ With Taxpayer Dollars

He stole over $200,000 – and he’s refusing to step down.

This midterm season, Democrats hope to steal back the government. Their only chance is if you, the American voter, elects them.

But every time we give them a chance, liberals let us down.

Their shocking, corrupt behavior proves they can’t be trusted – and this is the worst case of all.

And what makes us really mad? The crook refuses to step down.

From Fox News:

An embattled Democratic mayor from Massachusetts, who was arrested last week on suspicion of fraud and tax charges, is refusing to step down, calling his arrest “politically motivated” hours before city councilors pushed back a debate on how to handle the matter.

“I am presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” Mayor Jasiel Correia told reporters at a press conference at Fall River’s City Hall. “I will not allow political enemies to remove me from office.”

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And what did he do?

Federal prosecutors allege Correia stole $231,447… He allegedly spent the money on designer clothes, a Mercedes-Benz, jewelry, his mayoral campaign, travel, student loan and credit card payments, casinos and adult entertainment.

The money was supposed to go toward developing an app, SnoOwl, to connect businesses with customers.

Well, the money did connect Correia with businesses: dirty, adult-themed businesses.

But guess this: Correia is in deep trouble. Yet he claims he “innocent until proven guilty.”

Excuse me… REALLY!?

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This from the party that nearly destroyed Brett Kavanaugh, over flimsy accusations.

The Democrats slandered a judge, husband, and family man over politics. Now they want us to treat one of their guilty as “innocent.”

Give. Me. A. Break.

Correia has been caught with his pants down (perhaps literally). Like so many other liberals, he stole money to fund a lavish lifestyle.

His own citizens are pushing back and trying to get the guy removed, so he keeps using stalling tactics to keep his power.

We shouldn’t be surprised, he’s from the party of Clinton and Obama. They were experts at doing this.

Let me assure you of one thing: this story will be buried by the lying press. They will do everything to protect this crooked Democrat.

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Source: Fox News

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