Billy Graham’s Family Reveals Urgent Message He Used Last Breath To Say, Saved For 6 Days After Death.

The evangelical leader Billy Graham, who worked as a modern day Peter from Biblical times, died last Wednesday at the age of 99.

He brought love, hope and God’s wisdom to the world.

The country is feeling the huge void we are left with after his death.

it has been a week since Graham passed away and his family has finally spoken. Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, has finally revealed what the incredible religious Billy Graham said before he died and the one specific person he directed his urgent message to. Graham was exceptionally in tune with what plagues our nation, spending his entire life preaching love and hope into the hearts of millions to overcome those struggles.

According to our source, PS Republic, Lotz had an interview with WRAL, to discuss her father’s death and what she hopes will happen in America after his passing with the legacy he left behind, as well as his final message. Lotz said that she prays that Graham’s death will be something to shake up the church, adding that what America needs right now is to find Jesus.

“We’re so divided. There’s so much anger, so much polarization, and Jesus is the answer. If you look at my Daddy’s life, he cuts across all those divides, whether it’s a racial divide, a political divide, a social divide,” Lotz said in her interview . “People all across the spectrum love and honor Billy Graham. Why? Because of his message and because he presented Jesus, and Jesus is the one who unifies us and brings us together.”

Lotz then revealed that on their final visit right before he passed away, her 11-year old granddaughter told him she loved him. And Graham replied, “I love you.” That was the last thing he said with his dying breath and it is an urgent message all people in America need to hear. You should never wait to tell other people you love them and make sure those close to you know you do.

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